Since 1995
  • Corrosion resistant resin and brine tank construction.
  • Timer-based automatic regeneration (Optional).
  • High quality softener resin provides stability and uniform size for top performance and long life.
  • Simple inline configuration for ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Range of softener systems to suit Institutional, commercial and industrial applications.
  • Available in simplex and duplex configurations for intermittent or continuous use.
  • Softeners are available in MS, MSRL, FRP, operating in Manual / Auto mode
water softening plant


Water is considered ‘hard’ when it has excessive levels of calcium and magnesium dissolved in it. Water softening plant is used for removal of total hardness dissolved in Water. We, at Rushi ION Exchange offer Series of water softeners at a low cost, reliable and highly efficient way to soften your water. Our unique design of Water softening plant ensures the maximum utilization of the effective surface area,uniform space and linear velocity across the resin bed which provides effective contact time between water and resin bed yield, soft water and prevent any precipitation and scale formation on the surface of heat exchanges and any process equipment where water is being used for further application.

Rushi ION Exchange water softeners are available in diameters from 0.225 Mts. to 4.0 Mts. with the flow rates up to 250M3/Hr. and OBR up to 2200 M3@400 PPM hardness. These strong, pre-engineered, preassembled units minimize installation and start-up costs. Our Water Softener Plant is acclaimed in the market for cost efficiency and consistent functioning.


Softening is a process where Calcium and Magnesium ions are exchanged for Sodium ions. Calcium and Magnesium ions associated with Alkalinity contribute for scale formation. These ions are also called as Total hardness. The strong acid Cation exchange resin in Sodium form is used for softening the water. When the resin is exhausted, it is regenerated with brine (Sodium Chloride solution ) 10 % or 15% brine is normally used for the regeneration. If service flow is from the top to bottom, then it is called as down flow softener. If the service flow is from bottom to top , then it is called as Up flow softener. The softeners are run up to the Hardness slip of 5 ppm as CaCO3 in the treated water, which is called as Industrial Zero hardness


Flow 0.5M3/Hr. – 250 M3/Hr.
OBR 2200 m3
Inlet Hardness Up to 600 Mg/L
Outlet Hardness <5 mg/L (Commercial ZERO)
Linear Velocity 4 to 30 M/Hr
Space Velocity 4 to 20 M/Hr
Type of Resin Strong Acid Cation (Na+ – Mono Type)
Type of Regenerant NaCl
Diameter (Vertical Vessel) 0.225 Mts. – 4.0 Mts.
MOC FRP / Mid Steel / Stainless Steel
Coating / lining Epoxy / FRP / Rubber Lined
Design Code ASME / IS
Design Pressure Up to 10 Bar
Design Pressure 1.1 to 3.5 Bar
Clear Pressure Drop bell mouth
Bottom distribution system Strainer plate
MOC of Brine Measuring Tank FRP/HDPE/MSRL
Brine Mixing Element Agitator/Aeration
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